Expanding Workspace

Santa brought me a new workspace so I can work more efficiently on all my digital designs!  I injured my neck recently and needed everything to be ergonomically friendly and at proper heights etc.  So excited to be this organized and have a home for all my digital toys! Thanks Santa! He's so good to me! 
 One day this will be in the same room as my studio so we had it color coordinated to match!


A Very Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope Santa is good to you ALL!


Greens Greens Greens

Gosh I'm in love with greens! I made another today for a friend's birthday. SO much fun!

Fresh Greens

This year I decided to decorate my house with fresh greens.  I got together with one of my BFF's to create arrangements for our homes.  It was so much fun, chilly willy outside, but fun!  We blasted some Christmas music and went to town.  The day before we combed through some property that we own picking fresh holly, blue berry, blue spruce, scrub pine, and everything in the wooded areas that looked pretty!  We had some laughs and it was a fun day for us.

Today, I'm sharing a few of the creations we made together~!  I loved doing it and will probably want to do it again next year too!  I even made a few extras for family members. What a nice gift! Working with fresh greens was even more fun than I anticipated!  Give it a try!

Having a friend that's a florist is fun! :0)  Patty taught me to change the color of some of the old hydrangeas in my yard.  We made them a beautiful plum color that perfectly matches my other Christmas decorations!  I was elated with the color!

 My room is a mess and greens are still EVERYWHERE but I'm having a blast!


Love this

My Family from WiddlyTinks.com


Grateful Board

After seeing the gratitude project that Becky Higgins created  here, I knew I wanted to do this with my family this year.  She invited her family to write down everything they were grateful for using a large poster board.  Her family continued writing down things day after day.  I thought it was  a really neat idea because it kept her family focused on what they are grateful for during Thanksgiving.

To create my own version, I gathered a bunch of acorn tops and glued them onto several layers of card stock and left room for writing.  Then I attached an easel, a leaf label and displayed it in our home this month.  I loved the look so much that I created several more and attached some favorite photos to give as gifts to my family when I see them Thanksgiving day. 

Tomorrow I am going to make grateful boards with my son's third grade classroom. I am hoping the families enjoy this little project together. 

Update: November 23rd.  Several children were not in school to complete the project with us. For those students, I have put together a quick guide so that you can create this project at home.  There is a kit waiting for you at school with your name on it and all the supplies.  You will need to get some tacky glue as that is not in your bag.

1. Open your bag of acorns and glue two rows of them using tacky glue around the perimeter of your green   
    paper board. 
2. Using double sided tape or scrapbook adhesive, attach the "grateful" sheet of paper in the center of your   
     project. This is where you and your family can write notes about what you are thankful for this season.  
3. Attach the leaf with your family name on the frame with hot glue. Be sure to do this with an adult.

4. Last, assemble the husk colored stand and attach with a strong adhesive. In school we used scrapbook 

Feel free to post questions or call if you need help. 

We made a few extras for the other teachers and the principal. A quote I recently read that stuck with me is , "being grateful and not sharing it, is like giving a present and not opening it".  So true!


Candy Cane Kisses

I had so much fun with this little girl.  She was at the perfect age for a giant candy cane. You know how most kids today don't even eat them? Well she loved them!  I thought the photos would make a great Christmas card, "candy cane kisses and Christmas wishes".

Not parting with the candy cane, no way, no how!

She belongs on the cover of Talbots kids doesn't she?

Christmas will be here before you know it

Some of us, are more prepared than others.  Had another session with a little beauty and her excitement for the holiday is awesome! Looks like her mom is going to have a wonderful Christmas card this year!


Previews from another session

Sharing a few from another session I just completed. Two adorable little girls to photograph, how lucky am I?

 I am loving this orange background this time of year. It goes so nicely with all the fall clothing people are wearing! 


Sneak Peek

I am sooooooo excited about the session I did today with a beautiful lil' lady!  She totally made my day and the best part is, I get to work with her again on Sunday.  Just HAFTA show her momma a sneak peek. Isn't she beautiful?


Sean & Amanda

Today I am sharing some favorites from a recent couples super session that I did.  These two are such a great couple. Can't wait for them to preview~