Custom Orders Heading out the Door Today

Here are a couple of items that are being delivered today.  Thought I would give you a peek.  You may remember this mantle piece from an earlier post.  Well, quite often clients will ask me to make the same type of item but with different colors or themes to match a nursery or something else.  Well that type of request came up recently so I am sharing the mantle piece in a different theme.  See below

 This mantle piece was done to match a Bruin's theme for a baby yet to be born. 

Here are the inside pages. A little bit baby and a little bit Bruin.

This frame below was done with a Classic Poo theme in mind.  Instead of the typical frame trio that I typically make, I created a frame duo for a set of twins. 

And a matching card to go with the gift. I love challenges like these. It makes the design process so much fun.

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