Gallery Wall Sample

I've been moving my scrapbooking ideas to the wall lately. It's a really neat concept and allows for as much creative freedom as a scrapbook page. Not to mention, it's a neat way to bring charm to a room.

The most recent gallery wall I completed was for a friend whose son loves frogs! She had been looking for something out there in decorating land to style up his room with this theme. When she was coming up short of ideas, she solicited my help and gave me complete creative freedom to design. I took a collection of favorite photos and processed them with a summer orange action in Lightroom.  The base walls were a turquoise color and the orange looked really nice with it.  Then, I mounted the photos to gallery frames and displayed it on their wall. Then, I added a few pieces of paraphernalia and wella an adorable wall unique to the little guys that inhabits this room.

P.S. There is a net and little fishing basket mounted to the wall. I filled the litle basket with mini photos for him to admire.


Teacher Gift

I created a new teacher gift this week so I thought I would share. I was inspired by one that I saw online and created my own version for my son's teacher.  I still have one child in the elementary school that loves to give gifts to his teacher. When you're in high school, it's not quite as cool.

Now that school is almost out of session, one more day for us, we are longing for summer.  You know, barbecues, lemonade, picnics, the beach, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Thanks for being soooooo Sweet!

I have a new item to post today. It's something I designed to give to my son's teachers next week but can certainly be used as a gift for anyone.

The jars are recycled, keeping the prices low.  I filled the jars with red candy like gum drops or licorice (large size only) and there is even a red wrapped cinnamon candy that looks nice in the jars too because it matches the red nicely. 

This photo shows you the three different sizes: small, medium, and large. 

This is the small size and is priced at $8.00 and candy is NOT included. The photo clip and jar are $13.00 together.  You can also buy the clip separately for $5.00. I make a lot of these for shower favors.  I can whip them up quickly and they can be designed for any theme.

This is the top of the small jar. I like to jazz the tops up with ribbon and buttons. 

This is the medium sized jar and the most popular.  It's perfect for gum drops or hard candy. The price is $10.00, again NOT including candy. The clip and jar together are $15.00 and designed with matching cherry paper.

Top of the medium sized jar.

Large jar fits almost two bags of licorice perfectly.  This jar is $15.00, not including candy.  Quantities are limited and shapes vary. Because I recycle the jars, I don't always have this size on hand.  The jar and clip together are $20.00

This is the photo clip designed with Cherry Hill's cherry paper, perfect for the "sweet" theme. Holds a small cropped photo, approximately 3x3 in size.

Rear view of the photo clip. Another 3x3 photo can be placed on the back side too.

While the items above are designed with the cherry paper and "sweet" theme, keep in mind that they can be designed with any colors or theme too.  Personalization can be added to any item for a nominal fee.

These items have been a big hit. I'm posting extra photos below.