Gallery Wall Sample

I've been moving my scrapbooking ideas to the wall lately. It's a really neat concept and allows for as much creative freedom as a scrapbook page. Not to mention, it's a neat way to bring charm to a room.

The most recent gallery wall I completed was for a friend whose son loves frogs! She had been looking for something out there in decorating land to style up his room with this theme. When she was coming up short of ideas, she solicited my help and gave me complete creative freedom to design. I took a collection of favorite photos and processed them with a summer orange action in Lightroom.  The base walls were a turquoise color and the orange looked really nice with it.  Then, I mounted the photos to gallery frames and displayed it on their wall. Then, I added a few pieces of paraphernalia and wella an adorable wall unique to the little guys that inhabits this room.

P.S. There is a net and little fishing basket mounted to the wall. I filled the litle basket with mini photos for him to admire.

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