Party Ideas

Today I am sharing a couple of ideas for those looking for something to bring to a party. Summer is filled with them and you always need a little something to bring.  

The first is a photo clip. It's a cute gift when you need to bring a little something to a party.  It holds a 3x3 photo on the front and back and makes a cute display for a shelf or desk.  This item can be personalized with a name and the middle stamp can be changed for any season or even a birthday. $6

Lady bugs are so big right now, everyone loves them!  The second item is a ladybug frame. When you lift the ladybugs wings, there are two mini pages for photos.  It is attached to a stand so it sits nicely on a shelf.  This too can be personalized with a name like the sample shown.  $20

I have one other item that is inexpensive and fun to bring to a child's birthday party. The sample below does not show it but this item can be personalized to say, "Birthday Girl" on the front and then "nothing sweeter than you" on the tag.  $8.00

Finally, if you just want to bring a little something to the hostess to jazz up her party ,there's a paper table bouquet. The samples below are shown in the lady bug theme and 4th of July BUT can be done in any theme/color etc.  This size $35, smaller sizes available starting at $24