Crafty Creations

I often tell people that I'm not one for TV. Whenever I have free time, I'm plunging into something creative.  The television may be on in the background but that's just for noise. A surprising fact about me; I don't know any episodes of Friends,Seinfeld,The Office, or other shows that people enjoy daily.  You'll find me creating something somewhere.  Sometimes I'm bored with scrapbooking and I'll wander into a sewing project, home decor project, cooking, or really anything that has a creative outlet to it.  I recently became fascinated by the dessert tables that everyone seems to be creating and now I'm designing a new one every time I have a party. They're tons of fun.   If it's fun and creative, I'm trying it.  If you look in the sidebar of my website, you'll see some of the non-scrapbooking or photography projects that I've tried recently.  Here are a few more:

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