My Studio

Welcome to my studio.  This is the place where I spend the end of a long day and unwind. I mostly scrapbook here but every now and again I'll host a photo shoot here too.  The lighting in here is great and we had a sliding curtain made for the other side of the room so I have an instant back drop whenever I need it.

Here is an after shot.

I'm lucky to have a husband that is very talented. I've been scrapbooking for over 18 years now and it seemed like I had been dreaming of a room for designing forever.  My husband Steve brought it to life for me.  Here are some before and after shots. 
 This was the very start of the process.  If you're a scrapbooker, you'll appreciate how patient he was with me. We took it a supply at a time. One wall for stamps, another wall for paper, one set of drawers for punches, and so on.  He carefully took inventory of all my supplies and helped me to decide how best to store them, keeping in mind things that I needed to see verses stow away. It was a very detailed process but one I loved doing!  I'm an organizer at heart. 

Here's the big mess prior to being all organized
 I'm fond of dark colors, jewel tones, and deep earthy tones so black was my color of choice for all the wood.
 Hanging magnetic boards for inspiration and/or to display my newest creations

 Buttons, ribbons, and embellishments all within arms reach while designing. 

 The wall of stamps organized by theme
 TV an music to keep my company
Wall art
 8.5x11 paper
 12x12 paper
 Embellishment baskets

 Paper flowers
 The ribbon wall

And finally die cuts. 

 Hope you enjoyed my little tour!


  1. Michelle,
    You are such an AMAZING person! All that you do is wonderful! I wish I had half the talent you do! Your are an inspiration!

    Miss & Love you!

    Erin xoxo

  2. Wow-- I'm totally envious!!!