Expanding Workspace

Santa brought me a new workspace so I can work more efficiently on all my digital designs!  I injured my neck recently and needed everything to be ergonomically friendly and at proper heights etc.  So excited to be this organized and have a home for all my digital toys! Thanks Santa! He's so good to me! 
 One day this will be in the same room as my studio so we had it color coordinated to match!


A Very Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope Santa is good to you ALL!


Greens Greens Greens

Gosh I'm in love with greens! I made another today for a friend's birthday. SO much fun!

Fresh Greens

This year I decided to decorate my house with fresh greens.  I got together with one of my BFF's to create arrangements for our homes.  It was so much fun, chilly willy outside, but fun!  We blasted some Christmas music and went to town.  The day before we combed through some property that we own picking fresh holly, blue berry, blue spruce, scrub pine, and everything in the wooded areas that looked pretty!  We had some laughs and it was a fun day for us.

Today, I'm sharing a few of the creations we made together~!  I loved doing it and will probably want to do it again next year too!  I even made a few extras for family members. What a nice gift! Working with fresh greens was even more fun than I anticipated!  Give it a try!

Having a friend that's a florist is fun! :0)  Patty taught me to change the color of some of the old hydrangeas in my yard.  We made them a beautiful plum color that perfectly matches my other Christmas decorations!  I was elated with the color!

 My room is a mess and greens are still EVERYWHERE but I'm having a blast!