Picture of the Day

My photo of the day today is of my son Nicholas. He just turned 17 and we are so proud, so blessed, and so happy to have such a special son!  WE love you Nick!

A Taste of Carver

Today I wanted to help spread the word about a benefit here in Carver for a local family.

You can find their story here.  The Carver community is pulling together to help spread the word about a little boy named Emerson who is very sick and could use our support.

The recent winner of my winter games, Billy donated the session he won to the fund raiser to benefit Emerson.  I had already donated a session so now I'll be donating two mini sessions.

Read more about the community event here.   This is a cause so worthy of all our support. Please consider attending the event to be held at the Carver High School on March 11th.

There is also a Facebook Page too! 

Please keep this little boy and his family in your prayers!



I'm participating in The JOYof LOVE this month.  Excited for this photographic journey taught by Willette.

See details here

We have a winner!

Bill Callahan you are the winner!!!!!!

Here was Bill's exact response and he was 100% correct.

airport,resturant accross from airport,main st. mutural fedural looking south,looking west from mutural fedural,new school,libary,shuteff park,town hall,pump house on meadow st,pump house near corner of meadow st. and holmes,first divided hyw,crescent st.,end of south meadow rd.,sportmans club enerance,center cemetery,old center st., lookimg west old center st., hillars on pond st.,pump house on pond st.

Bill won a mini photo session, a little pick me up during these cold winter days!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Billy!


Winter Games

Yesterday I went around town and took photos of my town all covered in snow.  Snow makes "most" places look beautiful before the plows hit.  I thought it would be fun to play a game (winter is a great time for games) with all the Carver folks out there.  You don't have to live in Carver to play but you will need to "know" Carver.

I'm going to post photos below this post.  There are two parts to the game: become a follower and guess the locations.   The first person to sign up as a "follower" (see the right hand column of this site) and name the most locations or streets from my photos will win a free mini photo session with me.  I'll keep it open for one week.  So on February 4th whomever guesses the most spots in Carver wins the session.

Some locations may be just over the border of our town but you'll recognize them.  Some locations can be photographed more than once.  I'm looking for street names and then if it's not a street, give me the location or landmark.

Post your answers in the comment section right under this post so everyone can see who is playing.  I'll make a post on Facebook to get the game started.

If there is a tie we will have a tie breaker round.
Let the games begin and good luck!


Picture of the Day

I've been wanting to post more with you all. I always have so much to share but sometimes it's hard to squeeze it in with all the day holds.  I've been thinking of posting a POTD(picture of the day) whenever I can. It will be so much easier and allow me to post more often by just adding a photo and a couple of thoughts.    It'll be random, sometimes personal, and sometimes I'll choose a photo from a favorite photo session.

Today my post is from a recent photo session I did with a family on Sunday.  Their little boy was precious and had the most gorgeous eyes and his smile lit up the room!!  Here he is, my POTD.  Comment if you think he's as cute as I do!!!

Another New England Day

I know you all HATE this white stuff but truly it's my favorite time of year.  Yeah, I know summer is nice in New England too but winter is majestic to me. I'm a home body....... I love being snuggled in doors with my family by the fire cooking up something delish and just being together.  Plus, it's no secret that we are a fan of winter sports, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, we LOVE it all!

So today while everyone is grumping over having to shovel, I'm taking in the beauty of winter.  My house is completely saturated with the white stuff and I love it! I ran outside early this morning in my slippers(dumb move) and pj's and snapped a few to capture the beauty of the season.  Later today, I'm going to snap some of our town.

 I think I was supposed to take this in before winter hit.......oooooooooops!
 I love heavy we snow, it makes the trees look beautiful!

 I guess we won't be using this side door for awhile :0)

 The branches of this big old oak don't usually touch the ground. 
 I like the wreath even better now and I'm glad I didn't take it down right after Christmas!

 We are so buried that you cannot even see the sled I decorated leaning up against the land post. Goes to show you how much snow we've had this year!

Stay warm!


Baby Props

I've been busy this week making props for upcoming newborn photo shoots. I have the pleasure of photographing 2 new baby girls(different sessions). I wanted something different and extra special.  Here's what I came up with; tutu's and handmade headbands. I found this gorgeous organza for the pink headband and used a fabric singing technique to curl the fabric. They were fun to put together. Next I plan to put one together in red for Valentine's Day.  Anyone out there with a baby girl looking for something different?

Is it obvious that I am the mother of boys? Love all this girly stuff!

The teal headband is made from a stretch lace. Can't wait to try it out!


New Year New Beginning

So I've been running full speed ahead with all my digi learning and just loving it!  I've been going crazy with my new camera and it seems my brand new PC computer of 4 months can't keep up with me,darn!  So what if I had 10,000 fine photo files, it should be able to keep up right?  Not!  While I was fighting with Gateway, my hubby surprised me yesterday and brought home the apple of my eye!  No more messing around!  Good-bye PC, this girl is leaving you for the MAC world.  SO here's to a New Year, a New Beginning, and hopefully the end of computer troubles for me!