Another New England Day

I know you all HATE this white stuff but truly it's my favorite time of year.  Yeah, I know summer is nice in New England too but winter is majestic to me. I'm a home body....... I love being snuggled in doors with my family by the fire cooking up something delish and just being together.  Plus, it's no secret that we are a fan of winter sports, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, we LOVE it all!

So today while everyone is grumping over having to shovel, I'm taking in the beauty of winter.  My house is completely saturated with the white stuff and I love it! I ran outside early this morning in my slippers(dumb move) and pj's and snapped a few to capture the beauty of the season.  Later today, I'm going to snap some of our town.

 I think I was supposed to take this in before winter hit.......oooooooooops!
 I love heavy we snow, it makes the trees look beautiful!

 I guess we won't be using this side door for awhile :0)

 The branches of this big old oak don't usually touch the ground. 
 I like the wreath even better now and I'm glad I didn't take it down right after Christmas!

 We are so buried that you cannot even see the sled I decorated leaning up against the land post. Goes to show you how much snow we've had this year!

Stay warm!

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