Winter Games

Yesterday I went around town and took photos of my town all covered in snow.  Snow makes "most" places look beautiful before the plows hit.  I thought it would be fun to play a game (winter is a great time for games) with all the Carver folks out there.  You don't have to live in Carver to play but you will need to "know" Carver.

I'm going to post photos below this post.  There are two parts to the game: become a follower and guess the locations.   The first person to sign up as a "follower" (see the right hand column of this site) and name the most locations or streets from my photos will win a free mini photo session with me.  I'll keep it open for one week.  So on February 4th whomever guesses the most spots in Carver wins the session.

Some locations may be just over the border of our town but you'll recognize them.  Some locations can be photographed more than once.  I'm looking for street names and then if it's not a street, give me the location or landmark.

Post your answers in the comment section right under this post so everyone can see who is playing.  I'll make a post on Facebook to get the game started.

If there is a tie we will have a tie breaker round.
Let the games begin and good luck!

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