Odds & Ends

I've had some extra time on my hands lately so I've been getting to all those little things on my craft to do list done.  You know the giant one, the some day I'll get to it, ever growing list?  It puts me in a good mood when I accomplish things on that list.  :0)  I had a few half finished Christmas projects(of all things) that I just completed.

 Frames I put together with some older styled Anna Griffin paper. It's classic and I still love it.

Then I made some tags with Christmas scraps I had laying around.  It feels good to use it up.  I don't know about you, but I've got this HUGE Mega basket of scraps.  Every so often I donate it to the elementary school when it's out of control.
I'll tuck these little do dads away until next Christmas or show them to my clients that are so good with their shopping. I know many people that shop early.  Wish I were one of them!

7 Gypsies Artist Printers Tray

7 Gypsies is one of my favorite manufacturers.  I love their unique metal tchotchkes. What is a tchotchke?  Well, it's one of my favorite words ever!  It means inexpensive souvenir, trinket, or ornament.   I finally know how to spell it thanks to a dear friend of mine!

I've been seeing the artist printers tray everywhere lately and have been wanting to put one together. It was a "have to have" for me when I saw it. I finally had some time to myself this week so I completed mine. Can't wait to find some place in my house to display it!  This was a quick and fun project!  I love quick, you know instant gratification?  Yeah, that's me!


Need a winter break?

This post today is for someone sick of winter, wanting to craft,  get out of the house, & be with other crafty women. A glass of wine, good conversation, you know what I'm talking about right?  I've been busy designing a class for you!  It's personalized, shabby, scrappy, crafty, & fun!  Here's a quick peek of what I'm designing right now. It's very close to being finished.  Details on the class coming soon. I have 10 to offer.


Baby Girl Brag Books & Frames

Apparently there are lots of baby girls being born lately! It's no secret that it's my favorite thing to work on. This weekend I designed a few frames and matching brag books for a client.  I used the Restoration Collection from Crate Paper.  I love the feel of their paper. It reminds me of the old Chatterbox line that I started scrapbooking with many moons ago :0).  This line was a perfect match for my vintage flowers.

When I design something new, I always make a couple of extras to keep on hand.  I usually make them generic so the design can be used for any occasion. I made a couple of extra frames and brag books.  If you are interested, email me.

Happy vacation week to all those moms at home with their kiddos! Enjoy them.



Lately, I've been addicted to Savers.  I love browsing through their wall of frames.  So many people discard perfectly good frames. I love the old ones, solid maple, or frames that have unique detail.  Last week I was browsing along and came across this cool looking frame. It was white and had a painted pear on it.  I thought it would look great in black but had no idea what I would do with it. I just knew I liked the detail of it.  So I brought it home and re-purposed it~ I used some paper from October Afternoon's Thrift Shop Collection and some Tim Holtz metals.  Threw in a few scraps of coordinating ribbon and a couple of my new vintage flowers.  It was fun!  Something about finding a new purpose for something old tickles my fancy!


Vintage Flowers

I've been busy this weekend making some handmade vintage flowers.  Shabby Chic is one of my favorite styles so these flowers are right up my alley ;0).   I am working on several custom items for clients and these are just perfect for the paper line I am using!  Having fun here and making the best of the cold weather!  Hope you are too!


Custom Camera Strap

I just had a custom camera strap made and am very excited that it's on it's way.  Check out how beautiful it is here.

Chrissy did a wonderful job matching my colors. Very excited for it to arrive.  These camera straps are so in right now. Everyone is making them.  After hunting all over ETSY, I decided this site was best!  Love her choices of fabric.  Go ahead and splurge!  Order one for yourself!


Picture of the Day

Captured this random moment today and thought it was a funny photo!


Spread a Little Love Today

Spread a little love my love...........That song is catchy isn't it?  I haven't heard the commercial for a while and it's still with me.  It's a great song for Valentine's Day!

Just wanted to post today and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.  Hope you and yours have a day full of love and being together!


Subway Art

I decided to design some subway art. I've been admiring it and buying it but hadn't yet made something myself. I thought it would be a cool gift to give  a friend for her birthday!  It was really fun putting it together. I liked it so much I've got to make one for myself!  What a simple yet personal gift you can whip up  for a friend.  Didn't take much time at all!

 Her birthday is tonight. Hoping she loves it!


Caileigh Jane

Posting a video from a newborn session I did last week!  Such a beautiful baby and I had the best time working with her and her mom!

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Picture of the Day

Here is the only member of the house that doesn't duck when I pull out my camera and the poor thing got caught in a private moment snuggling with her favorite toy!


Picture of the Day

I love to look back at photos of my children and see how much they've grown! MOST birthdays I take a photo just before they blow out the cake so I can see how much they've changed.

Look at how many candles he has now.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm getting old!


Family Album

My albums are made entirely from scratch, even the outside cover.  They are held together with 4 inch screw posts and I've come up with a unique system that allows people to add as many pages as they like without having to use plastic page protectors.  I like albums with page protectors too but mostly I love  albums where you can touch and feel all of the elements, pull out little notes to your family, and appreciate all things 3 dimensional. It's rare for me to create a flat page, unless it's digital.  There are so many beautiful papers that designers can choose from these days and in my opinion they can be best appreciated when you can touch them.  Floral art is my specialty and you can't design unique flowers flat. 

Today I am sharing the exterior of a family album I just completed.  It's totally my style and full of interactive little things for this mom to share with her children.  Hoping to put a smile on her face today when she finds out it is finished!

 Front Cover
 The spines of my albums are personalized,sometimes I'll print the spine on paper and sometimes I'll print on fabric. This one is paper printed. 
 Back side of the album

Inside front cover. My albums always start with a place for journaling. 


Photo of the Day

Today I'm processing photos from a session I did this week and am busting at the seems to show this mom her proofs!  Newborns are one of my favorites to photograph.  I'm choosing one photo from the session to share as my photo of the day! I'm hoping to share more tomorrow!


Client Proofs


So excited to share a new way to show client's their proofs.  Enjoy!