Family Album

My albums are made entirely from scratch, even the outside cover.  They are held together with 4 inch screw posts and I've come up with a unique system that allows people to add as many pages as they like without having to use plastic page protectors.  I like albums with page protectors too but mostly I love  albums where you can touch and feel all of the elements, pull out little notes to your family, and appreciate all things 3 dimensional. It's rare for me to create a flat page, unless it's digital.  There are so many beautiful papers that designers can choose from these days and in my opinion they can be best appreciated when you can touch them.  Floral art is my specialty and you can't design unique flowers flat. 

Today I am sharing the exterior of a family album I just completed.  It's totally my style and full of interactive little things for this mom to share with her children.  Hoping to put a smile on her face today when she finds out it is finished!

 Front Cover
 The spines of my albums are personalized,sometimes I'll print the spine on paper and sometimes I'll print on fabric. This one is paper printed. 
 Back side of the album

Inside front cover. My albums always start with a place for journaling. 

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