Keepsake Box Class

Some time ago I had an idea for this little box I came across. It was white and ugly but I loved the shape of it and the hardware on it.  When I see things like this I always want to re-purpose it.  This little box would be so awesome if done shabby and in homey(if that is even a word) colors!  It would be great for family keepsakes like letters or cards you can't part with.  It would also be great for the "best" school papers and artwork for one of your children.  We all want to keep the "good ones" but where do you keep it all?  This was my solution...........

Here is the family keepsake box.

 Box Cover

The paper is handmade personalizing it with the names of your family members

Box Front
Front label is personalized with your family name

Side View


Here is the school keepsake box,decorated differently to suit the different theme.

Box Cover

Letter is personalized for the child's name

Front View

Front label is personalized too. 

Side View


The outside is 11" tall  X 12" wide
The inside is 7" deep and 103/4 x 10 3/4

I started off with 12 of these.  Four are completely gone (clients that stopped by the house and got an early preview).  I have 8 more left and would love to offer them as a class.  Class price is $60.00 and includes everything you need as well as all personalization.  If someone wants to buy it directly, its $75.00.  If you are interested, please email me asap.  If I have enough for a class, I'll determine a date that suits the majority.  Otherwise, I will sell them outright.  

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