Here's what I've been up to.....

I made a ton of these for gifts recently. It's kept me crafty busy for a while. I have 3 left over and will add them to my sale stash.  If anyone is looking for a fun summertime gift this is something different.  It's shabby and holds a mini photo themed for summer. 


Speaking of Wildlife

I don't think I recall a time when there was so much wildlife in my yard! I don't live on a farm. In fact, I live in a development with nearly 200 homes in it.  Today, my cat brought me a baby bunny to the door.  She has done this before. She typically does not kill them but brings them to me like a present.  I'm told this is a form of love(yikes!).  Unfortunately, once she finds the nest (which is usually under one of our sheds) she brings them to me one by one.  Two years ago she brought 8 babies, one at a time.  One of the times, I was clearly not paying attention and opened the door. I had a teeny tiny baby bunny hopping everywhere around my home. It took so long to corner him and deliver him back to the nest.

God I hope she leaves this batch of bunnies alone!  Tootsie, is 23 pounds and I'm sure very intimidating to this bunny family.

Tootsie has brought us every form of love out there.........chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies, birds, and a snake.  A few years back I looked out my door to see this site.

Bird Update

They're continuing to grow.


What a Difference 4 Days Makes

I checked on the baby birds today. Just couldn't help myself. I expected them to still have their eyes closed and still be (well) sort of ugly. Today, there were a little cuter.  You can see their blue feathers coming in and their eyes are open!  Hope they stay around a little longer. They are growing so quickly. One of them must be so hungry. He is always opening his mouth when I go in the tree!


Teacher Cards

Posting two teacher cards today for a friend of mine. She is in need of a card that will hold her class photo to share with students.  Card is 5x7 and holds a 4x6 photo on the front.


Baby Birds

We found a nest of tiny baby robins in our yard this week.  They're literally newborns and their eyes have not yet opened.  It's like wild kingdom here in the Murphy household!  Too precious not to share.

We are going to take photos every Monday until they leave the nest so you can watch them grow.

 I had to climb a ladder to get close to the nest and the mother stayed in the tree beside me to watch them. I was careful not to disturb them or touch them.  The baby must have thought I was the mother and kept opening his mouth for food.

The fur is like long peach fuzz with static electricity!  Here is the beak close up with my macro lens.   I'm loving spring! This stuff fills me up :0)

Photo of the Day

Being the mother of boys, some type of wildlife is always coming to my door or being discovered. I'm happy when what they bring home is not a snake, although it has happened!  My youngest loves to explore around bogs near our home to hunt for turtles and frogs. I've had to teach him the difference between the ever popular Carver snapping turtle and the good kinds like painter turtles and pond turtles.  I was watching a documentary one day and discovered that my town is the Snapping turtle capital of Massachusetts. That explains why I see so many of the nasty ones traveling some of the back roads.  Clearly, we needed to educate the boys early on. I knew they'd try and bring one home and I feared they'd come home missing a finger!
Thought I would share the little one incher that my youngest and his friend found yesterday.  You don't see these often and truth is my son has been hunting for weeks to find this turtle.   He is so adorable!

I used a macro lens so I am VERY close to this turtle with my lens.  The photo is a little deceiving so I decided to use the ruler so you could see just how tiny he is.


Family Photo Session

I had the pleasure of photographing a family that lives here in town recently. I just finished editing the session and have so MANY Favorites! I love capturing photos of people because their personality shines right through, you get to ooooh and ahhhhh over how much they love each other, how much they look like one another, and just plain old ponder over what a really nice family you've captured a moment for. This mom must be feeling so blessed with all she has.  Her family is beautiful!


 On my list of favorites!

 Nothing is better than capturing a "real moment".  My husband has a cute little handshake that he does with our son and when I saw these two, it reminded me of them and how important this photo is!
 The Deep red background in the photo is amazing. I love how all the colors pulled together in this one~!