Photo of the Day

Being the mother of boys, some type of wildlife is always coming to my door or being discovered. I'm happy when what they bring home is not a snake, although it has happened!  My youngest loves to explore around bogs near our home to hunt for turtles and frogs. I've had to teach him the difference between the ever popular Carver snapping turtle and the good kinds like painter turtles and pond turtles.  I was watching a documentary one day and discovered that my town is the Snapping turtle capital of Massachusetts. That explains why I see so many of the nasty ones traveling some of the back roads.  Clearly, we needed to educate the boys early on. I knew they'd try and bring one home and I feared they'd come home missing a finger!
Thought I would share the little one incher that my youngest and his friend found yesterday.  You don't see these often and truth is my son has been hunting for weeks to find this turtle.   He is so adorable!

I used a macro lens so I am VERY close to this turtle with my lens.  The photo is a little deceiving so I decided to use the ruler so you could see just how tiny he is.

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