Speaking of Wildlife

I don't think I recall a time when there was so much wildlife in my yard! I don't live on a farm. In fact, I live in a development with nearly 200 homes in it.  Today, my cat brought me a baby bunny to the door.  She has done this before. She typically does not kill them but brings them to me like a present.  I'm told this is a form of love(yikes!).  Unfortunately, once she finds the nest (which is usually under one of our sheds) she brings them to me one by one.  Two years ago she brought 8 babies, one at a time.  One of the times, I was clearly not paying attention and opened the door. I had a teeny tiny baby bunny hopping everywhere around my home. It took so long to corner him and deliver him back to the nest.

God I hope she leaves this batch of bunnies alone!  Tootsie, is 23 pounds and I'm sure very intimidating to this bunny family.

Tootsie has brought us every form of love out there.........chipmunks, squirrels, bunnies, birds, and a snake.  A few years back I looked out my door to see this site.

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