Happy Birthday My Friend~

A dear friend of mine will be celebrating a special birthday in almost two months.  It's a special birthday and I knew a gift that would be perfect to give her from me.  We were together recently and while discussing the upcoming birthday, I knew just the gift  I would give.  We both share a love of photography so I snapped away that day.

Enjoy my friend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!   I know it's early but you know me, I have no patience at all.   But when it comes to photos, I don't think you do either :)
 I love little toes. I have so many photos like this displayed around my home. I hope you love this one too!

 I LOVE the drama of this photo! It makes my heart smile.

 Isn't he squeezable cute?
 I put a little vintage flair on this one. He could model for Ralph Lauren :0)

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