What's in your Beach Pail Part II

I'm a huge fan of the beach. It's my happy place and I never seem to tire of it! Having spent so many days there this summer already, I've have lots to share of the little things my kids and their friends pick up while they are climbing the rocks at low tide.  Thought I would share our finds once again.  Enjoy.

Sand dollars are not so plentiful here on this beach so we get really excited when we find some. We get even more excited if they are not alive. This happens rarely.
Steve had to dive for these so the kids could see how many were on the bottom.  We showed them and them put them back.
Hermit crabs are plentiful here.  The kids catch dozens and dozens!

 Someone left this guy behind on one of the posts at the start of our vacation. He was there for more than a week. I imagine some mother told her child they couldn't bring the crab home so he/she left him there basking (I mean baking) in the sun.  I thought it looked cool. I'm sure it was a cruel way to die :0(
 Yippppppppppeeeeeee a keeper! 
 They're ugly up close aren't they?

 I love funky stuff like this!
 Hmmmmmm.... maybe a 2 month old?
 We were told that this is a Chinese Mitten Crab.  Didn't know much about them until I did a little research when we got home. Apparently, they are dangerous to our ecosystem and we were supposed to kill him and report the find.  Who knew????????  Not even 100% sure if it is one.
 Strange claws huh?  Wonder how he gets anything done with the giant ball in his way!
 Mini conch.  Apparently they are good eats, according to the woman that was collecting a scoop full of these and periwinkles.  She said it was dinner.  Hmmmmmm....... no thanks!

 Who's vertebrae?
 Love the color of this shell AND his wispy feelers on the front!  Very cool. 

 Live one, he's going back!  Love the little suckers. Funny to watch them move. 

 That's everything in this pail!

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