What's In Your Beach Pail?

So often I am amazed at what we manage to find on the beach.  Sure we manage to find the typical crabs, starfish, and  sometimes a sand dollar but a fish embryo?  Who would have thought?  Today, I am sharing what was in our beach pail because we found some pretty cool things while on our beach vacation.  Mother nature is so amazing and the kids can't enough of it. I love to watch them discover things and ask questions.  It's even nice to see how truly concerned they are for these living creatures.

 Here's the fish embryo. Amazing huh?  So small and yet you can tell it looks like fish!
 Jelly fish were everywhere. At one point, the kids had an entire pail full of just jelly fish.  We did catch and release all day!
 The jelly fish were everywhere the kids were swimming.  They could scoop them up with their bare hands. Don't worry they weren't the man of war type, they were harmless.  Funny though we were on the beach for two weeks and this was the only day they were so very plentiful.
 You had to hunt a little more for the starfish but they were plentiful. They were deep in the frigid cold water. I was pretty wimpy about going in so my friend took one for the team and got the kids several handfuls of starfish.  Don't worry, we put them back too! We were very respectful of the ocean.

Can you tell what this is?  One of the kids picked up a pregnant crab. At first we couldn't tell what it was  but upon close inspection you could see the thousands of eggs.  Put her back too (unharmed) so she could produce many more for us to hold and admire.  
Here she is not so close up.

So tell me......... what's in your beach pail this summer?  I'd love to hear about anything special your eye caught!

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