Senior Portraits

It's that time of year when all the seniors are putting their best smile on!  I recently shot a portrait session for a local senior.  She is so beautiful she made my job easy. This session was a "super session" for anyone interested in this type.  We went to several locations and spent approximately two hours together.

Don't wait, these sessions are best when the weather is nice and we can shoot on locations such as the beach, local bridges, train tracks, etc. !  Contact me to book your session.

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I designed some party favors this week for a one year old birthday party and thought I'd share my creations with all of you!


Bay Farm

This past weekend we were heading out to Saquish Beach in Duxbury to visit friends.  While my hubby drives I look EVERYWHERE and take in my sites.  I happened to notice this beautiful landscape of purplish(might be a Webster violation :0) flowers.  It was beautiful and I wanted to stop BUT we were in a hurry.  We were trying to hit the beach before sunset so we could have time to settle in before we had a beach fire.  Note to self:  Great location for senior photos/check it out soon before the flowers wilt.

That's just what I did, got up at the wee hours of the morning with my little man and took in the sites.  My next senior session is definitely gonna be here, especially if their first or last name begins with "D".  Why?  Saw a cool piece of landscape and my creative juices started going crazy!!!!

So, here is Bay Farm in Duxbury and these photos are really just the tip of the iceberg.  My next trip will be going down all of the beautiful pathways with my family to check things out.  Sharing what I have for now.

Thomas Kinkade????

Brewing up ideas for this new location.  

Sunrise Part III

I truly don't want summer to end!  I've been having so much fun photographing the sun this year! My son and I have been tracking the sun rise and sun set on my new "golden hour" app and hitting the local hot spots.  I've NEVER been an early riser but for some strange reason, I don't seem to mind getting up at 5am to catch the sun rise and even funnier, I do it without coffee!  I love my morning coffee and am usually the type who needs it!!!!!  Sharing our sights from this morning.  Today's spot was Duxbury.  I'm in love with the Powder Point bridge.  It' so amazing when you think that someone(well several someones) had to build it and that it connects us to such a wonderful piece of land.  This bridge is all wooden and over 2200 feet long.  She's a beauty!

Left Side

Right Side

 Sunrise from the bridge

 Imagine my excitement when I see this kayaker paddling his way right through the sun.  Hello silhouette!
 It's funny what you notice when your eyes are wide open and your looking for interesting things to photograph.  I was drawn to the words slow as I was watching my sunrise.  
 There were lots of fisherman out on the bridge and bay early this am.  I was drawn to this one.  Loved his gear, his passion for the sport, plus he looked like he was fly fishing with his line waving through the air.  He probably thought I was a nut or pappazzi but I just couldn't resist capturing this perfect stranger in his element. It was cool.  Plus, he reminded me of a Grandad.
 So, we start our journey toward home around 7ish and I notice this turkey strutting his stuff in the street. I cracked up because he was the least bit distracted by me and when I stopped to snap his photo he kept on walking. Just had to get his photo too!  He was cool. Hope no one eats him this November!
Here is is on his perch just staring at me!  Pretty cool morning and what a way to start the day!  Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. I'd love to get up and check out another location but duty calls!  Anyone have any pull with the school system?  I'd like a few more weeks with my family ;0)