Bay Farm

This past weekend we were heading out to Saquish Beach in Duxbury to visit friends.  While my hubby drives I look EVERYWHERE and take in my sites.  I happened to notice this beautiful landscape of purplish(might be a Webster violation :0) flowers.  It was beautiful and I wanted to stop BUT we were in a hurry.  We were trying to hit the beach before sunset so we could have time to settle in before we had a beach fire.  Note to self:  Great location for senior photos/check it out soon before the flowers wilt.

That's just what I did, got up at the wee hours of the morning with my little man and took in the sites.  My next senior session is definitely gonna be here, especially if their first or last name begins with "D".  Why?  Saw a cool piece of landscape and my creative juices started going crazy!!!!

So, here is Bay Farm in Duxbury and these photos are really just the tip of the iceberg.  My next trip will be going down all of the beautiful pathways with my family to check things out.  Sharing what I have for now.

Thomas Kinkade????

Brewing up ideas for this new location.  

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