Family Portraits

Showing off another beautiful family today.  Sort of reminds me of my own family with the three boys and one being a senior!

I create these storyboards for folks so they can print them on foam board and display in their home. Simply prop it up with an easel and well-a a quick decoration for the home!  Persnickity Prints online does a fabulous job of printing these with their pro matte finish.  I use them quite often in my home.  I made one for each child in this family.  The designs are endless but I kept it simple here.  

I love designing storyboards for each child.  It gives you a great few snapshots to look back on and see what your child looked like at that age~  I think I'm going to do these for my children soon too!

Such a handsome guy!
This little one was as adorable as he looks here!  Cutie pie. 
 Such a great looking family!

 Here is that artistic look I tried with the senior too. It's different and edgy.  

 The sun was harsh this day and really hard to avoid but they certainly made the best of it. 

This is a muted tone action I've been trying lately. I love the coloring here.  Hope they do too!
 This background reminds me of a skateboard park. Perfect for kid posing!

 I love the color of the stone on this background!

A big thank you to this family for allowing me to showcase them on my site.  


Family Portraits

I had to share this family with you. They portray the reason why I love this hobby!  I get to share the best of peoples lives and am able to capture what's most precious to them.  I love meeting new families and challenging myself to get their best smile.  When I begin seeing what I've captured my cup runneth over.

This was my favorite of the three children!  This is my family sandwich pose! 

This little guy stole my heart with his smile!  He fit perfectly in this stair well. 

This little beauty reminded me how much I love pony tails. Not having little girls I loved seeing her all dolled up with a big bunchy pony tail- so cute~

How beautiful are her eyes?  Amazing.  

 Now this mom didn't plan on having her photo taken but I sort of (:0)) convinced her to and am so glad I did.  What a great photo of her with her little beauties!
 This is a muted color action that I applied. This color looks great blown up on the wall in your home.  I'm fond of deep rich tones like this.
 So their Dad was sitting in the car and I convinced him into a photo too!!  This one will work nicely on  Dads desk, don't you think?
 A little black and white for variety!
And then something fun!

Lastly, I put together some favorites of each child.  

Thank you so much to this family for sharing these beautiful smiles with us!



It's that time of year for seniors to be photographed! The colors outside are beautiful and so is the weather.  Don't wait until it's cold to book your session. As we get deeper into fall, it becomes harder to photograph outdoors because of wind and chill.

This week, I had the pleasure of photographing another handsome young senior.  Today, I am sharing a few from his session hoping to put a big smile on his mom's face.

I love this location for photographing, but it's especially great for boys.  The colors and rustic look of the area work so nice! I'm so bummed that it is scheduled to be torn down any week now so condos can be built.  Such a shame!


Party Favors for Little Girls

Recently I had the pleasure of designing party favors for a one year old birthday girl.  Usually a client will come to me wanting something unique and special for their child but they just don't have the time or energy.  This is my FAVORITE type of work, anything that involves design.  I came up with several ideas for her to choose from.  In the end she chose pinwheels with iced animal crackers.  The kids attending the party were mostly little so we needed the snack to be kid friendly and the embellishments to be at their level too.  Thought I would share my final product as well as the different ideas I came up with.  So fun!

This one was filled with strawberry malted milk balls. Who knew they existed?  I mainly chose candy for it's color.


Green Heads

Ever wonder about those nasty little(well, not always) flies that bite you in the summer?  You know the ones I'm talking about.......Your at the pool feeling the warm sunshine on your skin when all of a sudden you get a sting on your leg(why do they always bite your legs?).   Or your at the beach right at the edge letting the water hit your feet and wham, the little bugger bites you again and again!  They're aggravating to say the least!

Well, we caught one recently.  Actually, my hubby did.  He called to me to check it out because it was kinda cool to look at. Naturally, I grabbed the macro lens.