Family Portraits

Showing off another beautiful family today.  Sort of reminds me of my own family with the three boys and one being a senior!

I create these storyboards for folks so they can print them on foam board and display in their home. Simply prop it up with an easel and well-a a quick decoration for the home!  Persnickity Prints online does a fabulous job of printing these with their pro matte finish.  I use them quite often in my home.  I made one for each child in this family.  The designs are endless but I kept it simple here.  

I love designing storyboards for each child.  It gives you a great few snapshots to look back on and see what your child looked like at that age~  I think I'm going to do these for my children soon too!

Such a handsome guy!
This little one was as adorable as he looks here!  Cutie pie. 
 Such a great looking family!

 Here is that artistic look I tried with the senior too. It's different and edgy.  

 The sun was harsh this day and really hard to avoid but they certainly made the best of it. 

This is a muted tone action I've been trying lately. I love the coloring here.  Hope they do too!
 This background reminds me of a skateboard park. Perfect for kid posing!

 I love the color of the stone on this background!

A big thank you to this family for allowing me to showcase them on my site.  

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