Sunrise Part IV

Sunrises are getting a little easier to photograph.  Why?...., because they're later and later and I don't have to get up so early, BONUS!  Today the sunrise was at 6:25a.m. Now when I first started this sunrise series, I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. That was back in July.  I'm thoroughly enjoying the extra sleep!

I took my youngest son on this sunrise adventure again.  This time, he had his own camera in hand. I decided to teach him how to shoot silhouettes.  We had a ball.  We even got my hubby to come out with us!  It was nice to share this with him.  I think he was feeling a little left out :0)  Plus, he had an accident and has been laid up on the couch with a broken leg. We needed to get him out!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE the fisherman!  The water looked like champagne out there~!

 We put the camera in Steve's hands so we could have fun!
 I might use this one for a future profile, kind of cool!
Even those crutches look pretty cool in a silhouette!

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