Senior Amanda

I think senior portraits are becoming my favorite type of session!  Take a look at how beautiful this girl is!  And those beautiful eyes!   I really enjoyed working with her.  No matter what type of background color we chose, her eyes were phenomenal!  Sharing with all of you.

For any seniors out there looking for a session, this one was a "super session".  A super session guarantees you 30 shots, allows you change multiple times, and gives you a variety of backgrounds such as beach, brick, stairs, urban style settings, sea grass, etc.  My super session fee is $200 and I give you all rights to your photos with a CD so you are free to print wherever you choose.  Images are high resolution and perfect for blowing up to large sizes. 

I create a custom Storyboard with all my super sessions such as the one above. These are great when printed on 3/16th inch foam board from Persnickety Prints.  Just sit on an easel and it makes a nice piece of home decor.

Thank you Amanda for letting me share your beautiful photos and best of luck to you after graduation!


Photo Session Up North

We ventured up north during the Columbus Day weekend. It was beautiful and I was so glad to see some foliage.  One of the nicest things about my weekend was Friday.  My boys and a special friend and I ventured off into the town of Madison(NH) and took some photos.

A while back,  I remembered seeing railroad tracks in the town and really wanted to use them. I typically don't get this type of setting locally because the transit police are all over me.  I knew I could get away with using them in this location. The train only comes by 2 times per day and things are so much more relaxed in this town(as they should be).    The thing about railroad tracks are the patterns and deep colors.  They're perfect for my style photo session.  I love traveling to new places and scouting out locations for photos.

 I was totally in my element doing what I love with people I love.

 This one is my favorite! 

 I love this pose for a young couple.  Cute, fun,  and just right!

Another favorite(below)  
Beautiful...... aren't they?

More to come!  This was just the tip of the iceberg with our day :0)


Fourth Annual Murphy Fall Fest

I guess it's now a tradition.  We've been getting together with my husbands side of the family in the fall for four years now.  We hang out at a rural piece of property that we own in town and take photos, eat dinner, and do simple stuff.  Everyone loves it.  Just being together outside in the crisp sweatshirt weather is fun!  We goof off and do a whole lotta nothing but it's something I look forward to!  Sharing some photos from our day.

The property is really beautiful.  It's 17 acres of pure beauty!   I love spending time here.  There are lots of gates and old barns there from the prior owners.  
Who knew milk weed would be so much fun?
 Love this one of my niece!

 We take photos of all the grandchildren

 The boys try to dodge my camera if they can(but not worries, I understand)
 My nieces love the photo part :0)

 Michelle's Angels~

 Goof balls

 Hackie Sack.  It's  a whole lotta nothing and a whole lotta fun!

 We usually celebrate Grandma's birthday too!  She was so cold she was sitting in the car for a bit to keep warm.  We brought the cake to her!

I had a fabulous day Murphy's! Thank you!