Fourth Annual Murphy Fall Fest

I guess it's now a tradition.  We've been getting together with my husbands side of the family in the fall for four years now.  We hang out at a rural piece of property that we own in town and take photos, eat dinner, and do simple stuff.  Everyone loves it.  Just being together outside in the crisp sweatshirt weather is fun!  We goof off and do a whole lotta nothing but it's something I look forward to!  Sharing some photos from our day.

The property is really beautiful.  It's 17 acres of pure beauty!   I love spending time here.  There are lots of gates and old barns there from the prior owners.  
Who knew milk weed would be so much fun?
 Love this one of my niece!

 We take photos of all the grandchildren

 The boys try to dodge my camera if they can(but not worries, I understand)
 My nieces love the photo part :0)

 Michelle's Angels~

 Goof balls

 Hackie Sack.  It's  a whole lotta nothing and a whole lotta fun!

 We usually celebrate Grandma's birthday too!  She was so cold she was sitting in the car for a bit to keep warm.  We brought the cake to her!

I had a fabulous day Murphy's! Thank you!

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