I had a great question recently from a potential client.  She wanted to know if I had a Holga. For those of you that don't know what a Holga is, it's an old medium format camera(non digital) that was popular many years ago and is still popular today. In fact, manufacturers are making more modern versions of it. It's not an expensive camera and it's available in several toy styles. People love the Holga camera because of the softness of the images it produces, the vignetting you get, and random leaks of light that are dreamy and one of a kind. You'll often see images from Holgas that are black and white or sometimes sepia and even cross processed.   Her reason for this was because she loved the "artsy effects" of some photos she saw.

So my answer to her question is no I don't own a Holga but I understand why she asked.  So what I want people to know is that I do a lot of post processing that can produce the artsy effects that some people love.  All you need to do, is let me know that you like this type of look and I'll be as creative as you'll allow.  LOVE a challenge like that plus I have so many artsy things that I love and often can't use because a typical client wouldn't want it.

Here's a portrait photo that I applied an "Old Holga" action on.  I did this session on Sunday in an urban style setting so the textures allow me to apply this type of action and get an edgy look without loosing detail on my subject.

Here's another portrait style photo where I applied some strong B&W actions on.  You'll notice how there are dark spots on the brick, her hair etc but we didn't loose the detail from her face.

Now, here's a landscape style photo where I applied some strong B&W actions on.  This one has more of the qualities that people have come to love about the Holga with the vignetting and dark and light leaks of light.

The Holga camera is fun and inexpensive but  I'm pretty submerged in the digital world so for my portrait sessions I'll continue to post process digitally to obtain dramatic effects but maybe just for fun, I'll buy a Holga and explore with my family.

SO a big thank you to Anya for her question. It sparked some good conversation for me to share with everyone today!

Here are some links to interesting reads on the Holga that I found out on the internet for anyone that wants to read more.  You can also google old Holga images and so many will pop up that you won't believe your eyes.  




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