Photo Session Up North

We ventured up north during the Columbus Day weekend. It was beautiful and I was so glad to see some foliage.  One of the nicest things about my weekend was Friday.  My boys and a special friend and I ventured off into the town of Madison(NH) and took some photos.

A while back,  I remembered seeing railroad tracks in the town and really wanted to use them. I typically don't get this type of setting locally because the transit police are all over me.  I knew I could get away with using them in this location. The train only comes by 2 times per day and things are so much more relaxed in this town(as they should be).    The thing about railroad tracks are the patterns and deep colors.  They're perfect for my style photo session.  I love traveling to new places and scouting out locations for photos.

 I was totally in my element doing what I love with people I love.

 This one is my favorite! 

 I love this pose for a young couple.  Cute, fun,  and just right!

Another favorite(below)  
Beautiful...... aren't they?

More to come!  This was just the tip of the iceberg with our day :0)

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