Urban Backgrounds for Family Photos

I'm always on the hunt for new locations to photograph families.  I find spots in the most random public places.  I am especially fond of urban looking areas.   I've been passing this metal rusty door for some time now and have been thinking it would make a great background for a family wearing black.   Found myself the perfect family to try it out.

What I love about it is that the colors will fit nicely in a family room. I imagine a photo like this enlarged to a 16x20 or bigger in a room with an oversized comfy couch.  The rusty textured floor base, windows, and peeling paint make it even more appealing to the eye. 

I love that areas like this make teenagers happy.  It's not the typical studio session with boring solid colored backgrounds and it's outside in the fresh air.  

I also love when people choose clothing that suits them.  No purpose in dressing in something stuffy and formal if that's not you.  A good portrait should be a clear reflection of you and your style.  I think this fits these three perfectly!  The all American family in their blue jeans~
Here's a close up, zoomed in close to faces.  Tight shots like this are my favorite. I'm all about faces and showing off beautiful eyes!  This family was blessed with gorgeous eyes!!!!!!
 Then one zoomed out with no limbs missing :0)
I had also spotted this brick wall with the some of the bricks broken and worn out.  Graffiti, brick, stone, railroad tracks, funky doors......... This location gives me so much to choose from. 

This angle was interesting with the train tracks, old buildings, and a little pop of color back there~

 I love the brick with black attire-pop!  This was one of my favorites for these three!

They're beautiful children aren't they???

 I turned this one black and white and added a hand tint just to be different and give this one some character.  

 I'll often mix up the poses too.  I love having a variety of photos in my home so the variety makes things interesting!  Hope they like it too~
 Found this funky old door and the kids fit perfectly inside it.  Had to put it to good use!

Thank you so much to this beautiful family for letting me share their photos.  I hope you'll cherish these for many years to come~

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