For Sale

Here is a list of the items I have for sale this year.   I have a VERY limited quantity and will try to indicate how many as I show photos of each item.  If you're interested, email me asap!  It's first come, first served! I can work with you via PayPal and ship directly to your house or you can swing by.

Email:  mmurphydesigns@live.com

Thanks for looking.  

 Photo Frame $24.00, I have one and it fits a 4x4 photo
 Photo Frame $35.00
 Photo Ornaments $15.00 each. I have 5 green ones
 Close up view
 I have 4 white ones
 Close up view with photo.  Ornaments are wooden and have an aged look to them.
 Refurbished shabby Frame $35.00, I have one, the outside size is 15x18, it holds a 5x7 photo in the middle
 Photo stands with shabby pages.  Lrg is black & $45.00, the small is brown and $30.00 without page, I have one of each.
 Mini Summer photo stand with shabby page $35.00, I have one only
 Pink photo stand without page $30.00, I have one only
 Turquoise frame stand $30.00 without page, $40.00 with page, I have one only
 Large off white photo frame stand, $40, one only
 Christmas photo frames $16.00, I have 6.
 Girly birthday frame, $16.00, I have one only.  Can be personalized where it indicates 1st birthday.
 Photo frame for baby boy $16.00, I have one only
 Christmas Frame, $16.00, I have one and enough materials to take orders. Personalization available
 Mini Frame, $10.00 , I have one left
 Package toppers, $5.00, I have several
 package toppers, $5.00 each
 Mini photo frame, I have one and supplies to take orders. 
 Mini girly photo frame with handmade paper flower, $5.00, I have one only
 Mini girly photo frame with handmade paper flower, $5.00, I have one only
 Package tag, one only, $5.00
 Fall photo book, $40.00, one only
 Summer book, $30.00, one only, date can be changed
 Mantle Frame for baby boy, $42.00, can be personalized, one only
 Mantle piece opened view
 Mini book, photo ready, clearance at $12.00 which is much more than I charged for the class. Looking to unload and make room!  I have a few.
 Wooden Frame, $20.00, one only
 Autumn mantle book, previously $128.00, one left, selling for $50.00 (must see in person)

Ok, Yard Sale Items.  
I'm selling my old die cut machines. They'd be perfect for anyone just getting into scrapbooking.  A steal at $10.00 each.  Looking to make some room in my studio!
 My Heart Belongs to Album. Photo Ready.  Previously sold for $75.00, now $45.00. I have 2.
 In the works. I'm designing one more item before Christmas.  This is  a shabby frame which will hold three photos.  It is 15x18 in size.  I am putting this one out there for anyone frame shopping.  Will post the final frame when I'm done. You can see where the design is going.
The end~ 


Harvard Square

I ventured out to Cambridge last night for a mentoring session with a well respected fashion photographer.  He was teaching me to "develop my eye".  It's funny, I thought my eye did pretty well but after a few hours with him, I really began to SEE differently.  I feel very fortunate to be able to study under someone with such experience and willing to share because truthfully, not many do.  Here is one of many that I will share with all of you as I progress through developing my eye.  It was one of 3 three  favorites from last night.

I was standing in a very secluded area, very unsuspecting and love this view point.


I'm Still Here

Thought I'd put out a quick update.  While you haven't heard much from me, I've actually been quite busy with my photography adventures.  I'm in the midst of pairing myself up with a pro photo lab, doing lots of testing and monitor calibration.  The busier I got with photography, the more I realized that I've been wasting far too much time color perfecting my work only to watch a local lab destroy it!  I guess I knew I needed to take the plunge a while ago and am finally getting around to it, along with many other things.  This too will help me with the way I deliver my sessions.

Recently, I discovered two local photography groups that I've just fell in love with. I've met some really great people and been on some very exciting mini shoots with them.  I'm really in my element and having a blast! This group hosts lectures and classes and teaches post processing!  So fun!  So, I've been
knee deep in photography and loving it!

I also purchased one of these and am having a blast using my new tool.  My posts will probably be a little light over the next several months but I'm sure all the time I'm putting into the art will pay off in the long run.  I will however try to post at least a photo a day to take you along my discovery as I continue to grow as a photographer!  I've been doing it on the social networks and have received some positive feedback!

So that's it folks.  Here's  a couple of photos I thought I would share so you can see some of the things I've been doing!

This was a session working with high-speed flash to catch the motion of a colored swirl of water coming up the side of a moving glass. Taught me how to use the "bulb" setting.
 This was by far my favorite experience so far........ The Ring of Fire.  This group is really so cool.  Volunteers were setting the fire while a whole bunch of us were on the beach photographing it!

This was  shoot at a local cranberry growers bogs.  He invited the group to come while he harvested.  Definitely a  lot of fun for me having grown up around Carver.  I was very appreciative of the owners willingness to share something so special with all of us!

And lastly, I've been studying night photography a little more closely.  Here's a quick one to share from last night while I attempt to use some new skills I've acquired.

Thanks for taking the journey with me as I work to master some new skills!