I'm Still Here

Thought I'd put out a quick update.  While you haven't heard much from me, I've actually been quite busy with my photography adventures.  I'm in the midst of pairing myself up with a pro photo lab, doing lots of testing and monitor calibration.  The busier I got with photography, the more I realized that I've been wasting far too much time color perfecting my work only to watch a local lab destroy it!  I guess I knew I needed to take the plunge a while ago and am finally getting around to it, along with many other things.  This too will help me with the way I deliver my sessions.

Recently, I discovered two local photography groups that I've just fell in love with. I've met some really great people and been on some very exciting mini shoots with them.  I'm really in my element and having a blast! This group hosts lectures and classes and teaches post processing!  So fun!  So, I've been
knee deep in photography and loving it!

I also purchased one of these and am having a blast using my new tool.  My posts will probably be a little light over the next several months but I'm sure all the time I'm putting into the art will pay off in the long run.  I will however try to post at least a photo a day to take you along my discovery as I continue to grow as a photographer!  I've been doing it on the social networks and have received some positive feedback!

So that's it folks.  Here's  a couple of photos I thought I would share so you can see some of the things I've been doing!

This was a session working with high-speed flash to catch the motion of a colored swirl of water coming up the side of a moving glass. Taught me how to use the "bulb" setting.
 This was by far my favorite experience so far........ The Ring of Fire.  This group is really so cool.  Volunteers were setting the fire while a whole bunch of us were on the beach photographing it!

This was  shoot at a local cranberry growers bogs.  He invited the group to come while he harvested.  Definitely a  lot of fun for me having grown up around Carver.  I was very appreciative of the owners willingness to share something so special with all of us!

And lastly, I've been studying night photography a little more closely.  Here's a quick one to share from last night while I attempt to use some new skills I've acquired.

Thanks for taking the journey with me as I work to master some new skills!

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