Full Production Mode on Christmas Cards

It's official!!!! Our family is in full production mode trying to get the Christmas cards out the door.  My house looks like an invasion and I have assembly lines every night after work!  Most people wouldn't understand, but for the record, I LOVE IT!  I love Christmas cards. It's a favorite tradition of mine and has been ever since my first was born.  I love sending and receiving them.  I love seeing what others choose, I love seeing how their family has grown, and I love decorating the house with them. THey're always a nice conversation piece.

The best part of this year was receiving cards from friends where the photo they chose, was one I captured for them.  You can't imagine how good that feels!  I rush to mailbox every day after I see the mail delivered. Love it!

So mine have not quite been sent yet but we're working on it together all of us!  My house feels like a disaster and I'm sure the post office will ONCE again hate me when they see me coming!  Sorry Dennis, I'm a fan of the hand cancel :0(  Gotta make that package look nice!!

Now, I'm not giving anything away here. You won't be able to tell what they look like this year.  You have to wait for it to arrive, cause that's all the fun!!!!!!!

I did torture my boys again and set up a scene for photographing!  They love me this time of year!

 And I did enlist in the help of a photographer that I absolutely love in Pennsylvania!  She made life sweet for me this year :0)

I have stuff everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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