Wedding Table Centerpieces

It has been such a long time since I've made a post about something crafty.  My photography has taken up more of my time.  Someone asked if I still do anything crafty and my answer is "YES", just not as often.  I still love it but there just aren't enough hours in a day.  The question prompted me to make a new post today about something crafty.

Last month I made centerpieces for a wedding.  The fun part about it was that I incorporated my love of photography with my love of paper and craft.

This item is wooden and sturdy and has a bit of the shabby chic style.  I have to admit, I liked it so much that I later designed one for my son's graduation party and gave them out as gifts.  It's an idea that is so versatile.  You can do it for an event or just make it as gift for someone. 

I started with a photo  session and a couple that was about to be married.  Their wedding was beach themed so we went to the beach as well as a local park to take some fun photos.  I tried to incorporate some untraditional shots and make them fun and unique for their guests to check out at the wedding. 

 On this shot, I put their wedding date on their feet when the final image was printed. 

 I loved working with this couple!  He was adorable and so willing to do what we needed to pull off something extra special!  This one is one of my favorites! 

After the session I used their photos to design a square photo with table numbers applied over them. Here's an example. 

Here are some images of the final product. 

 The tag said, "thank you for sharing today with us". I used an old book and made a shabby flower for the tag.

 The wooden pieces were stained and painted and then sanded to achieve a shabby look.  


New Photography Website

My new photography website is finally up and running.  I still have a bit more work to do but it's time to show it off!

Click on the name below!

Michelle Murphy Photos


New Website Strictly for Photography

Very soon I'll be announcing my new website.  I've been working on it throughout the winter and am excited to show you all.

Once I launch it, I will begin to identify this site with paper arts and handmade items and my new site as photography only.

Stay tuned!


12 Days Old

Their eyes are open


Six Days Old

My niece raises rabbits and today I invited myself over to see her brand new babies.  Any brand new baby is exciting to see.  She has three little ones and today they are six days old. Their eyes are not yet open.  They fit in the palm of her hand.  I did my best to capture a couple of photos while not disturbing them too much.  They were so tiny and really hard to photograph because even this young, they don't sit still.  Enjoy this precious site.