In the Blink of my Eye

you turned 18!  When you were born it seemed like light years away and now it's here!  Happy Birthday Nick!  We love you! XOXOXOXO
Mom & Dad

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Wedding Cake Made of 100% Paper

It's been awhile since I've posted anything to do with paper so I thought I'd do just that tonight.

My mom is incredibly talented and as often as we can we get together over a good idea with paper.  We've had this idea of cakes that can hold photos for awhile. We've seen other versions out there with cake slices that are used for favors and such but we wanted the whole cake and then some!  My mother is often the master mind behind our flowers.  She doesn't use patterns and she has the most creative mind I've ever worked with!  Check out the most recent creation!  It's loaded with beautiful textures.  Imagine this a centerpiece at the wedding?

I'll start with the top layer of the cake

This is the second layer. Each piece is dedicated to a different quote

This is a close up of the second layer so you can see all the paper weaving and detail

The inside of layer two

 This is the bottom layer
 Photos are hidden in each slice of cake.  It was made to fit 4x6 photos and LOTS of them!
 THe entire cake assembled!  

And finally the cake on a handmade pedestal.  Yeah, that's laundry detergent on the floor. Yeah, I should have moved it.  Lazy moment!


2012 Goals

I had a few goals for myself for 2012. I had been thinking about them for awhile

Goal #1..................to push my photographic abilities and venture into off camera lighting.  Well, my lighting has arrived and I'm happy to report that I'm having a blast!  I've been using my youngest son to model for me while I play with my new equipment.  Goal 1 achieved, check.

Goal #2................ create a full studio in my home.  Backdrops and flooring have been ordered. It won't be long now before I can handle full sessions in my home!  Been having fun ordering props and displays too! Goal 2 almost check!

Goal #3...............display my work on a pro photo site.  I've purchased my own domain and am in the design phase with a new site.  This one may take me a little longer than goal number 2 but I'm tackling it.

When my new site is up and running, I'll dedicate this site to strictly paper crafts and use the new site for photography only.  More to come.........................

Here are some shots I took yesterday with my new lighting.

Told you I was having fun!  Tomorrow I'll post this evenings session.  Got our little four legged furry creature involved tonight!


Some Dirt Action

I went on a little adventure with my boys on Sunday to capture some dirt action! I was looking for some new photographic material and this sounded like fun.  I had to ride a bike to get to their local hot spot Fortunately for me it had four wheels.  I was ready to leave when I noticed all three of them were staring at me.  Next comes, "are you wearing that?" "Um, yeah", I reply.   I had on a white sweater and matching scarf to keep warm with my sunglasses. They began to giggle.  Then I hear, "alright and here's your helmet. Good luck!"  Suddenly, I felt like Paris Hilton when she visited farmers with Nicole Richie.  I didn't see anything wrong with  what I had on(at first).  Then we arrived at the pits.  White probably wasn't my smartest idea but I did have fun! I had a terrible time trying to manage my camera, tripod, extra lenses, and backpack though.  What was I thinking?  After-all I was with the boys.  Live and learn once again.  Still psyched about my shots though!

 This effect is called Smoke. I like it, it's different!