Some Dirt Action

I went on a little adventure with my boys on Sunday to capture some dirt action! I was looking for some new photographic material and this sounded like fun.  I had to ride a bike to get to their local hot spot Fortunately for me it had four wheels.  I was ready to leave when I noticed all three of them were staring at me.  Next comes, "are you wearing that?" "Um, yeah", I reply.   I had on a white sweater and matching scarf to keep warm with my sunglasses. They began to giggle.  Then I hear, "alright and here's your helmet. Good luck!"  Suddenly, I felt like Paris Hilton when she visited farmers with Nicole Richie.  I didn't see anything wrong with  what I had on(at first).  Then we arrived at the pits.  White probably wasn't my smartest idea but I did have fun! I had a terrible time trying to manage my camera, tripod, extra lenses, and backpack though.  What was I thinking?  After-all I was with the boys.  Live and learn once again.  Still psyched about my shots though!

 This effect is called Smoke. I like it, it's different!

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