Cake Smashing Sessions

I've really been having too much fun lately with my camera which is why I've been so bad at posting to this site.

One of the things I've been doing more of is this............Cake Smashing(not me but with 1 year olds).  I saw this idea somewhere out there on cyber land and fell in love with the idea!  It's a perfect way to mark turning one and capture some fun photos!

UPDATE:  This special pricing of $125 will be ending soon.

Many of you that know me, know that I photograph all kinds of stuff but portraits and people are truly my favorite! 
So here is the beautiful little miss before we showed her cake, all up in her cuteness!

 hmmmmmm what's that? I think I'll poke it!

Maybe I'll taste it.No one is stopping me ................

Mmmmm, it's good, I'm loading up the other finger. 

 What?  It's good!
 I can make frosting balls with it.
 Tipping it over is much better!

 The bottom is still left

 Man, I'm messy!
 Shriek, the sugar is kicking in!

 Yes, I do like cake!

 Mom, this was fun, can we do it again?
 Sugar coma
 Can I stay here all day?

And that is cake smash!

BTW, boys love it too! And they're just as much fun!

This is a simple storyboard for anyone not familiar with them. Photos and words are mixed together like a scrapbook page.