Dingle, Ireland

I traveled to the Emerald Isle last week and feel so truly blessed for the photographic experience I was able to enjoy.  We started our trip in Shannon and traveled from the west, down to the south tip of Ireland, and landed east in Dublin.  Ireland is far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  I brought all of my camera equipment with me and even purchased a new lens (70-200mm) for the trip.  I went with my hubby, Stephen and we experienced the trip of a lifetime together!  We loved Ireland so much that we are now planning to bring our boys here and experience northern Ireland!

I shot over 1200 photos so I am slowly narrowing down my favorites.  Today, I am sharing photos from Dingle.  Dingle is a peninsula on the westernmost tip of Ireland.  It was full of fish and farm.  We saw many sheep and ate the most spectacular fish stews.  One restaurant in particular was out of this world, delicious, "The Half Door".   Dingle town is home to approximately 1500 people and we are fortunate to have met several of them.  Steve played Texas Hold'em with some local boys and even went on a stag party. Too funny.  The pubs in Dingle are quaint and fun.  We were especially drawn in by how welcoming everyone was, especially when they heard we were from Boston!  We stayed at a wonderful B&B on the waterfront called the Marina Lodge.  The hostess Dawn was a love!  I'd recommend you stay there if given the opportunity.  Thanks for the wonderful memories Dingle!

 This is Slea Head

Scenes like this take my breath away!  I loved Ireland!

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